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Three Ways to Improve Your Workout!

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Do you ever do anything for fun anymore? Or, are you always working and feel constantly busy? When was the last time you stopped to ask "What do I really want to do?" Everyone is a little different on how they manage their time, but one way we're all the same is that we all need time for self-care. Sometimes "I'm too busy" is actually just sugar-coated code for "I lack the necessary motivation" to get up and do the things that will really be a huge long term benefit to your personal wellness.

So, let's find some motivation together!

Think of some things you did as a kid for fun. Think of yourself playing. Can you remember how that made you feel? Is joy something that comes to mind? Can you remember playing to complete exhaustion, and not really being bothered by that? Why does exercise have to be "working out" instead of "playing out?" Improving your workout can happen through a variety of ways, but finding the joy and the fun is the key to unlocking the personal satisfaction of knowing that you're on the right track towards sustainable fitness. Once you get into this mental space, exercise won't become a number on a scale, or a size, or a punishment for stressful eating. I know, I know... Some may ask, how can working out even be fun. After all, it's sweaty and can be uncomfortable, or even boring. But thats just it! Find the joy within it! Turn it into playing. Here's how.

What are things you enjoy that you can bring within your workout?

Music - Listening to your favorite tunes, or songs that pump you up. I always put a playlist together ahead of time with either new songs that I've briefly listened to that sound workout worthy, or my favorite jams I already know will pump me up while I lift.

Maybe you like Art - Reading Magazines on the treadmill, writing poetry or drawing on your program paper in between sets - Hey, whatever suits your fancy. Do it. Relationship - Some people really enjoy calling their friends or family while they are out walking or on a treadmill, as it makes the time pass by quickly. Even better, bring that friend to the gym with you! If you have a friend who likes to check in, it can also help with accountability and maybe some friendly competition. I know that, for myself, if I have some friendly competition it keeps me more focused and can greatly improve my motivation to workout!

Do whatever exercise you enjoy most! Do you have a hobby? What kind of exercises does it require to get better at it? I enjoy making these goals to see how good I can get in the hobby I enjoy, and if you reach a goal of yours - Its ok to gift yourself with a "good job" when you reach a goal. My treat is a new toy - such as a new pair of lifting shoes, or a new piece of recovery equipment if I've truly met that goal I made. Small steps towards the big goal is a great way for encouragement.

Here's a couple other things I bring to exercise: A water bottle with stickers and dents. A little character goes a long ways. When I'm lifting on a heavy weights day, I'll try to bring powerlifting bag with my own personal weight belt. That makes me feel powerful, it makes me feel legit. I know others who have actually made their own belts. They even colored it (because they like doing art) and designed it all themselves. Come on, who doesn't feel fancy when they're sporting custom gear? If I'm lifting a on day that I primarily have olympic lifts, I'll make sure to bring my own writs wraps, and platform shoes. Those both I have picked out based on my favorite color. Why does that matter? Because wearing my favorite color is fun! And doing fun things brings me joy. Do you see what I did there?

Results can be a huge motivator for some people as well. Posting pictures up where you want to be on your phone background or in your exercise journal. Knowing where you want to be and how good it feels to get there and be there.



Let's tie in the first point with our second here. You can bring TIME into your day and workout. Meaning, make time to workout and make time in your workout to process. One thing you can do while you exercise, particularly during cardio sessions, is think about, or process, other things going on in your life. Don't be afraid to let your mind, and heart, wander. It's between you and whatever else you want it to be. You might be surprised at how effective strenuous exercise is at helping you overcome stress, and in conjunction, how much more efficient you become when you're not operating simply on survival mode. Remember, the ultimate goal is to bring some joyful play back into our lives, just like we did as children. Choose a time of day for your workout that is the most helpful for you. Does a workout in the morning set you up to hit the day running? Does a walking-lunch perk you up for your afternoon meetings? How about a quick stop at the gym after work? Would that allow you to destress so that you can be more present when you get home to your family? Whenever it is, allow your exercise time to be an opportunity to let go of the overwhelming things within your life, giving yourself a time to let go of internal weight and lift some external weight! It can be life changing!

Set up an exercise schedule that works for YOU. I always set at least an hour in my day to get my workout in consistently- at the same time each day, so I know I can be sure to get it done. This time is my time. Only you know when that time is best for you in your schedule and the time might vary for you daily, but set aside a time that is yours.

For those of you who feel like you can't find the time to do a workout because you're too busy - I have found, through years of experimentation, my best option is a workout in the morning before I start or do anything else. I find that if I don't get it done first, it is too easy to "not have time" to do it later. The reality is, we can always find time for the things that are most important for us, but if you're having a hard time prioritizing self-care in your schedule, you better just get it out of the way at the beginning of your day. Your time frame may be different than mine, but the key is to find what works the best for you, and then to stick with it until it becomes a habit. Consistency is most important, so if you can show up, do it! Seraphim also has Recipe prep and weekly schedule for you so you can save time in the week deciding what to eat and it includes the grocery store list for the week! Saves a TON of time and everything is already pre planned for you to make! Here are some options:



This one might not seem like a big deal, but it is if you want to get in the most for your workout. If you know how much time you have, plan what you WANT to get done within that time frame. This gives you a goal to step by step and stay focused within the workout. That time frame you gave yourself in the day, USE it and make it ONLY YOUR TIME.

There are a couple things you can plan for. Setting a goal is planning ahead. Planning a goal within the set goal, is achieving progress. Here's what I mean - What is your main goal? Are you looking to lose weight, build strength, get faster in your athleticism, develop skills within your sport? Whatever your main goal is, develop a short or long term goal in order to figure out what exactly you want clearly.

Planning a goal within the set goal means what are your goals for the day to achieve the main goal you developed for short or long term? Writing out and putting together your workout is a goal for the day to make it to your main goal you're shooting for!


If you have any questions, need help getting set up goals, or planning your workout, I can knock these steps out for you. That's what I do! You'll just have to schedule that TIME in your day and we've go it! Gimme a ring or shoot an email to me if you'd like to chat a bit more about any programming or guidance you are looking for!

-Kandace White

Fitness Training, Strength & Conditioning Coach

Director of Seraphim Fitness

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