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Seraphim Fitness

Private Gym with Personal Trainer Kandace White and Online Programming

Do you have a goal in the back of your mind you've thought several times about but keep putting it off? How bout grab it! LETS GO! I'm Coach Kandace. I love to develop specialized and personalized programs for pretty well any fitness goal. It's even better when I get to help you overcome physical limitations in pursuit of that goal!

Overall, I believe in a healthy, holistic approach to lifetime wellness. I believe in seeking fitness in body, mind, and soul, and I help develop that through exercise, nutrition, and positive choices.  To sum it up, I love to teach my clients new concepts which help them move and feel better, as we work together to move them closer to their personal goals.

I enjoy playing multi sports and have coached a variety of others as well.  Let me help you with my vast experience so you can peak for volleyball season, condition for pickleball, racing your best lap for dirt bikes season, help with your corrective movement needs, or just to get fit and trim and reaching it through nutrition and exercise guidance.

Three different avenues offered for programming:

  • In Person Training  with Kandace - Private Studio in Salem, OR (Or Online)

  • Fitness Programming Exclusively Written Only for You  - (your own gym, weekly check ins, adjustments based on progress, coach monitors)

  • Pre Written Program - Written BootCamp Program such as "hunting 12 week program" Completed on your own time.


Seraphim Fitness Private Gym Personal Training Salem Oregon
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Personal Trainer Salem, OR Private Gym Pro Athlete Kandace White


"After a torn meniscus sidelined me for almost 3 months, I asked Seraphim Fitness to help me  get back in shape for mountain biking. Strength training with a bum knee can be a challenge. Kandace managed to find ways to tweak exercises like burpees so the knee was protected while still keeping the workout intense. She was ever mindful that my workout was appropriate based on feedback from my physical therapist. And she was strict about keeping my form right especially when fatigue set in.

Kandace is a great motivator. With her sunny demeanor and enthusiasm I probably would not have had the discipline to work through some of the tough exercises I needed to get strong. Now I am back on my bike just in time for the wet Pacific Northwest winter, able to bomb down greasy trails with confidence!

- Rose Coplon

Mountain Biker who trains at Seraphim Fitness

“During the first three months of enrollment my blood pressure dropped significantly due to personal training with seraphim fitness.  I can hardly wait until I no longer have to take blood pressure meds! I have learned much about my physical well-being with Seraphim and plan on continuing on to be the best I can.  Thank you Seraphim Fitness!!  "

Client for Personal Training

- Kathy Bangert

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