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Teaching Assistant

Esme C.

Best one on one fitness!!! Kandace is amazing at keeping you moving and motivated. Having so much physical therapy background helped with adjusting my workouts to things I could do but could also help me get stronger. Love going to my workouts with her!!!

Teaching Assistant - Functional Training

Carla L.

Carla is training for functional movement: "I really enjoyed having Kandace as my fitness trainer. I started with Seraphim Fitness to strengthen my leg and hip muscles because of arthritis pain. My pain is a lot less and when I do have pain it doesn’t last.Kandace makes sure you always do each exercise correctly and she pushes you to do better.I had fun and I trusted that Kandace wouldn’t have me do something that would injure me.I honestly can’t think of how it could have been better.I was satisfied exactly with how things were.I would tell someone that if they wanted to see positive results that Seraphim Fitness would be the way to go. Kandace was very professional, encouraging, and took personal care to make sure that I was getting stronger in a safe manner. I would definitely recommend Seraphim Fitness to anyone who is looking for a personal trainer/coach."

Client Results Seraphim Fitness

Robyn W.

Client Results Seraphim Fitness

Bike Shop Owner - Cycler, Ultramarathon  & Functional Movement Focused

Robyn is an avid mountain biker, cycler, and focusing on ultramarathoning and functional movement: "I began training with Kandace last year with a couple of goals in mind: building strength and making my health a priority. Sure, I could have hit up a local gym with these goals in mind, but I knew that strategy wouldn't stick. The truth is I'm intimidated by machines and the stereotypical gym vibe. I'm so stoked that Kandace was willing to take me on, as my time with her has been an absolute game changer. She has taken the time to understand my goals, and at times, help me recalibrate them, as well as created a unique program just for me. Her incredible depth of knowledge of body mechanics has helped me wage war on old injuries by recognizing which muscle systems weren't doing their job and getting them to finally "turn on." After nine months, I'm living in a completely different body than when I began. I can't wait to see what's next.

Client Results Seraphim Fitness

College Admin


I came to Seraphim to prepare for some surgery in my future, hoping to come through strong. It worked! Just a couple of months after surgery, I was back to normal, maybe even stronger.
Training with Kandace helped me progress and grow during long months of waiting; it prepared me mentally and emotionally for the challenges and discomforts of recovery; it taught me ways my mind and body are connected. Through it all, Kandace’s support and adaptability were invaluable. No matter how I felt or did, she was there to help me make the most of it. For example, when I returned exactly three weeks post surgery, just because I missed our time together, there was no rep counting, just the joy of moving because I could. I cannot say enough about the benefits and joys of surgical “pre-hab” with Kandace. It’s really a thing!

Anderson Electric - Fitness Focused - Online Programming

Krista A.

“Kandace is very good at what she does. She really listens to what it is I want out of my training and puts a lot of thought into my workout program. I appreciate that she mixes up my workouts which keeps me on my toes and makes it fun. She is always available for questions and she often checks in with me to help keep me accountable but not in a XXX way. I look forward to achieving my goals and setting new ones with her help!"

Functional Movement &

Strength Development

LeaAnn T.

Kandace has been amazing at helping me establish better communication with my body. She’s always positive and adaptable to my strengths & works to improve my weaknesses. I’m pain free for the first time in years! I even bought a new bikini for this summer. 🤩Thanks Kandace!

Functional Movement &

Strength Development

Tarra B.

I have been working with Kandace for several months and highly recommend her. She is very knowledgeable, detailed, and responsive to changes that need to be made to the structured plan. She is attentive during sessions, and is easily able to give 1:1 feedback in her small class sizes. She is very passionate about her work and it shows in her dedication, and expertise - she is always learning and refining what she knows to inform her practice. She has helped me build strength and improve my balance and core stability from bad habits in a sedentary career. She is helping me work towards building my strength and skills for a personal goal of improving adventure riding skills and stamina. She is fantastic!

Megan R.

Edward Jones - Jeff White Office - Online Programming

Kandace is great! She worked with me to determine my goals and created a workout routine to help me achieve those goals. She was just as excited about my journey as I was, she really helped keep me motivated to work hard. I would definitely recommend Kandace to anyone looking for a trainer!

Client Results Seraphim Fitness Before and After

IT Tech, Journey in Fitness & Powerlifting

Megan T.

Client Results Seraphim Fitness

Megan began her own journey losing weight and saught my help in the decision to complete her weight loss goal and begin lifting. Megan is focused on fitness and weight loss, and is developing a joy in powerlifting style.

"Voracious athlete, patient teacher, and encouraging friend all in one! Kandace brings her passion, expertise, and sense of humor to every single session. I've lost over 30lbs and shed inches across my entire body, while finding a new hobby in weightlifting and a hilarious new friend. 

I can't recommend Kandace and Seraphim enough!" 

Client Results Seraphim Fitness


Client Results Seraphim Fitness


Breana G.

Football Athlete - Written Online

Client Results Seraphim Fitness

Breana is training for Football: "Kandace reached out to me and offered me a workout plan for my current off season training. The plan was

completely tailored to my fitness goals as an athlete. The 4 week module helped me drop over 2% body fat when I had been struggling for months to accomplish. I would highly recommend Kandace as your new trainer!"

Week 1-4 Lost 3.4lbs and 2.5% of body fat

Client Results Seraphim Fitness

David L.

Hunter training online programming at Seraphim Fitness

Engineer - Hunting - Online Programming

David completed a custom online written workout program: "I enjoyed having a custom built workout that utilized the equipment I had available and adapted as I provided feedback along the way. Kandace was great at listening to my goals and my feedback as she continued to adjust my programming to keep me motivated.I’ve used a lot of workout programs in the past but I always got annoyed when they didn’t fit my gym. Kandace built a program around my home gym setup. The second part that was critical was having an accountability partner. Fitness has always found a way to get bumped down the list when time gets crunched, and having her there checking in and providing motivation helped a lot. It was tailored to my goals which was great! Fitness has always been a struggle for me to keep motivated. CrossFit was a great program but the schedule is limiting & often many of the lifts didn’t jive with my extreme lack of mobility. I never could get into the atmosphere at 24 hour with a 50 people in the gym all trying to avoid eye contact or talking. That’s where the home gym setup paired with Kandace’s coaching really worked for me. She was able to take my assessment, listen to my goals, what type of workouts I enjoy, and the equipment I had available to build a custom plan. Being that my main goal of my fitness journey has always been to be in mountain shape for hunting I appreciated that she understood what it took to be in shape for hunting compared to another sport. Whenever I would start to fall off the wagon she would check in and help boost my motivation. I highly recommend you give Seraphim a try!

Written Online - Powerlifting

Kristi K.

Client Results Seraphim Fitness

Kristi is training for Powerlifting: Seraphim Fitness Recommended. "Kandace is a ball of energy! Her passion for fitness and for life is a ripple effect in her training! She will encourage you to reach your fitness or weight loss goals!" 

Kristy is a Remote/Online Client from across the U.S. working in Seraphim's written plans and zoom/discussion check ins for Powerlifting.

Joe S.

Client Results Seraphim Fitness

Founder & CEO - Cedarwolf Creations - Training for Bodybuilding & Mountainbiking

Joe is an avid mountain biker: "I like the feel of the gym & being able to have a 1:1 training with Kandace. She encouraged me to push my limits & also pay attention to specific needs I have when creating my work out plans!

Definitely helped having a person that I have a friendship with beyond just working out and how awesome the gym space is. I gained results fast and felt like for the first time in my life I made gains that I wanted to make. I'm completely satisfied I can't think of anything that could have changed or been better! (Would you have liked anything more, anything less?) Nope!

Working out at Seraphim has opened the gateway to my fitness goals. I recommend Kandace as a trainer if you are looking to make some serious changes to your fitness and overall health with the comfort of having 1:1 training in your own personal space."

Client Results Seraphim Fitness
Client Results Seraphim Fitness

Movement & Fitness

Brandin H.

Kandace provides an excellent, knowledgeable and comfortable 1-on-1 training service. She was super approachable from the start. I inquired about her training and gym, we set up a tour and overview of her services. She tailored exercises based on my goals and pre-training assessment, and we started the very next week. I love that various payment options between single training to longer-term monthly trainings. I left each session feeling so motivated and challenged. She pushed me to extents I haven't tried before, and knew when to spot support. She knows the science behind weightlifting, and educates you and your body the right way. I definitely would recommend her business and look forward to the next session.

Sheena W.

Owner of Salem Krav Maga - Fitness Training

Client Results Seraphim Fitness

I cannot recommend Seraphim Fitness highly enough. I have a background as an athlete and former personal trainer, but like most people it is so easy to put your own health on the back burner. Kandace was so fun and easy to work with and was able to work around my crazy schedule being a small business owner, and of course my many old injuries from being an athletic youth. Kandace's in-depth knowledge of physical therapy combined with her deep knowledge of fitness was on display with an old broken body like mine.

Every time I walk into Seraphim Fitness I feel welcomed and have a ton of fun all while being pushed to my very best. The gym is absolutely beautiful and Kandace is amazing! You cannot go wrong working with Seraphim Fitness if you are looking for the best!

Client Results Seraphim Fitness


Tara H.

Kandace is a great listener to not only the words you share, but the aspects in which she analyzed from your body. No matter the challenge- she is up to it. Highly recommend!!

Before and After Client Results Seraphim Fitness
Client Results Seraphim Fitness Before and After

Jazmine Z.

Teaching Assistant - Functional Movement

Truly enjoy working out with Kandace. Her gym is truly versatile. I also appreciate the knowledge she gives on why certain exercises help better & always answers my questions. I hope I can join again!!

Lacey F.

Counselor - Fitness Focused

"Trying to start and maintain a workout program on my own was not working for me and evidently eating your feelings is not healthy. I met Kandace at just the right time. Kandace created an exercise program for me that was just the right amount of challenging. She is understanding and motivating but won't let you get away with much. Trust me, Kandace and Seraphim Fitness is exactly what you need to reach your exercise and fitness goals."

Client Results Seraphim Fitness
Client Results Seraphim Fitness Before and After
Client Results Seraphim Fitness Before and After
Client Results Seraphim Fitness Before and After

Ashley M.

Associate - Fintess Focused

"Before starting with Kandace, I was intimiated by the idea of lifting weights. As a total beginner she gave me the skills necessary to feel confident. She knows exactly how to motivate me and switches things up to keep me interested. Training with Kandace is something I look forward to every week. I would recommend Seraphim to anyone looking to start a training program." 

Todd G.

Functional Mopvement

I came to Seraphim with lower back pain and mobility issues. Kandace quickly assess what my problems were and what areas I need to work on. Within a couple of months my lower back pain was completely gone. My mobility started to get better and better and continue to work on. She's is very knowledgeable upbeat and helps with inspiration to continue down the long path of fitness. My one-on-one time with her has helped me understand things much better in the short amount of time versus the many years of lifting weights CrossFit and cycling I have done . I highly recommend Seraphim Fitness to anyone the want to improve their quality of life. Weather in be losing weight mobility and just feeling better in general or trying to gain muscle and get stronger.Kandice knows what she's doing.

Client Results Seraphim Fitness Before and After

Cory D.

Teaching Assistant - Functional Movement

Kandace is an incredible trainer! Her medical knowledge and experience is a huge asset in customizing each of her client’s training program as well as monitoring their health, safety and goals. She is helping me so much with core strength, muscle definition, strengthening bones and posture. She is a lot of fun to train with. I highly recommend Kandace, she really knows her stuff!

Joe C.

Functional Movement

In the weeks and months after the ice storm of 2021, I suddenly needed to operate a heavy chainsaw 8 hours a day, every day. I was up to the task, but my arms weren’t conditioned for the abuse and I developed painful tendinitis in both arms. After failing to recover on my own, and an unproductive series of appointments with a physical therapist, I had almost given up. Lucky for me I gave Kandace at Seraphim a try! She met me exactly where I was, and understood the root causes of my inflammation. We worked on lengthening and strengthening those angry muscles and tendons. Tiny weights and bands at first, and she quickly adapted my plan to accommodate what my body could handle. She also has a fantastic rack full of high tech therapy gadgets. No small amount of laughter was had as we shocked, massaged, and scraped the pain away. In three short months we had eliminated the pain I had dealt with for over a year! I highly recommend the personalized service Seraphim provides, Thank you!!!!

Zach S.

Functional Movement & Sport Specific - Mountain Bike Racing

As an active person who has put a lot of time and effort into self care, nutrition and fitness over many years, I found myself on a downward trend with energy and performance. I was starting to find workouts difficult, bike rides getting harder and I was just tired. I was losing motivation to workout. I was working with doctors and chiropractors to find ways to fix my issues I had developed. I had people telling me I was getting old and I should reconsider my activities. After reconstructive surgery on my collarbone this past year and going through tough physical therapy, I made the decision to get back to my old self, and someone recommended Seraphim Fitness to me.
From day one I was impressed with the program. Kandace worked with me to help set my goals. She then went through an assessment and established a starting point and then tailored my visits to help me reach my goals. She has helped me with not only lifting with proper form and staying safe, but also with mobility, stretching and nutrition and the “why” behind it all. In just the three months I've been going, I can clearly see progress and I have had great success. Kandace's enthusiasm and energy made it easy to work hard. I could feel my own energy and motivation coming back and that only got stronger each month. My check ins with my doctor during this time have also been really positive as my neurological and muscular issues started to resolve themselves. After a few years of continuous issues and adjustments, my body is now in a better place, which is amazing to me! The workouts and exercises are fun, I’m learning a lot and most importantly, I feel better than I have felt in years! I really appreciate the knowledge and attention to detail that goes into the program. Its been an amazing experience to go into a positive and encouraging environment and come out with better results than I've had in a long time doing other things. Kandace's holistic approach to fitness and her knowledge and training has really helped me.

I'm super excited to continue and see what goals I can smash this year and beyond!
I'd recommend Seraphim Fitness to anyone looking to achieve fitness goals of any kind.

Client Results Seraphim Fitness Before and After

Lucy S.

Strength & Sport Specific - Mountain Bike Racing

Kandace is INCREDIBLE. I started out know pretty much nothing at all and feeling very nervous about lifting weights and committing to a whole training program but I came out of the experience with SO much knowledge and so much increased confidence in all regards!! She is super flexible, so easy to get along with, knows literally everything you could want to know about your body and what it needs to function. She always knew exactly when to push me to do more, and I would also leave a session feeling so proud of myself and like I was really hitting all of my goals. We were able to work on training that directly related to my hobbies outside of the gym as well as managing and recovering from past injuries. All of the aches and pains I used to have when lifting or exercising are totally gone, and I feel empowered to work out at home by myself with all of her training. Kandace’s positive attitude (even at 5:30 in the morning!!) is amazing and really made me feel super comfortable right away. 10/10 stars, everyone needs a Kandace in their life!!!

Lara D.

Fitness Focused

Kandace is very knowledgeable and will help you to reach your goals.
I 100% recommend Seraphim Fitness if you're wanting to get in shape and have someone who is with you through every step.

Back Pain

Couldn't step up a curb

Client Results Seraphim Fitness

To Deadlifting

Lifetime PR's

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