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Kandace White

Kandace White

Photo Credit, Thank you : Kerstin Holster

I'm Kandace! I am a conditioning coach that has a Masters Degree and is a multi sport athlete that competes at National levels, with an extensive background in fitness and movement. My Masters degree is in Teaching/Instruction and Bachelors in Exercise Science and Health. Currently, I compete as a pro level enduro and downhill mountain bike athlete. One of my favorite things to do is go fast, I love racing mountain bikes. 

I grew up in the outdoors, we would build forts out of sticks, climb high things and fish for food while we would go backpacking for weeks. In my younger days I would skate at the skate park and snowboard into the night. We would tie flies for fly fishing for our river adventures, scuba dive/spear fish and hunt. I enjoyed playing traditional sports and extreme sports. I have previously coached softball, volleyball, track, cross country. I personally have seasonally trained for soccer, softball, ultimate frisbee, kickball, football, cross country, tennis, powerlifting, and in bodybuilding. I've gotten the chance to assist in a few published peer reviewed scientific studies, which was actually quite interesting!


The avenue that brought me into mountain biking was my love for motorcycles. I grew up riding dirt bikes and when I was 18 I bought my first street bike. I refurbished motorcycles then toured around the world with them and then taught Team Oregon classes for several years. It stirred my love for speed. 


 I have experience opening gyms, supervising gyms, training various extreme sport athletes, teaching students, working with people who have never touched weights before, olympic lifting, military personnel, hot yoga, martial arts personnel, bootcamps, prepared hunters for hunting season, CrossFit, Strongman, Bodybuilding, working with elderly, kids, and helping people who want to just get fit and stay fit. I also worked as a hospital cardiac and pulmonary exercise specialist for patients and was fortunate to  assist with orthopedic surgery in shoulder and hip rehab. I also taught Physical Education in all grade levels 10 years, which is when a majority of my coaching time frame was.


Overall, I've had the experience of creating training programs for a variety of elite-level athletes, including: ultra-marathoners, gymnasts, strongman competitors, powerlifters, and mountain bikers. In addition to that, I have trained many high-school (and younger) level youth athletes, and some of my favorite clients are retirees! I love clients that push me to grow my skillsets as well. If I don't have direct experience with an issue or goal, I gladly research and critically think  to creatively develop an effective course of action. 

I love having fun and helping others achieve their goals! I am grateful to have been able to help athletes get back on their feet after injuries. I love helping people have less persistent pain so they can do the things they also love.

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