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Tired of gettin winded during hunting season and too much beer been weighing you down? Want to get over the ridge quicker and have more energy to chase that bull elk? This written exercise program includes nutrition tips is a 12 week workout program intended for starting the off season prep for your hunting season 6 months before it starts. 39 total pages of education, writing, and programming. 5 days per week of training with 2 active rest/rest days will get you ready for toughest conditions. This program will gain strength to packing out animals with ease, increasing strength for stability while hiking, allow you to endure longer distances with steaper pitches, and more!


If you are looking for getting going this is a great start! You will want some knowledge of movement practices before hand. Intermediate level that places you heading towards advanced. Get ready to smash the hills and get a trophy! If you feel you are already quite sound, an expert in your workout and just want more intensity  - continue with 2.0, 3 months before your hunting season starts. BOOM.

Hunters 1.0 Prep Season Complete Program

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    Equipment Needed: Home Gym Set Up

    • Dumbbell Weights
    • Barbell
    • Weight Plates
    • Exercise bands
    • Exercise Ball
    • Weight Bench
    • Squat Rack/Bench Rack
    • Medicine Ball
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